The Mentalist Black Helicopters 6×13 Recap and Review

Written by Brynley Louise   // March 10, 2014

Black Helicopters 6x13


The Mentalist Black Helicopters 6×13 Recap and Review




In this episode of The Mentalist we see Jane proving to Fischer just how much more intelligent he is, since she seems to keep forgetting.


A U.S. attorney is found dead in Mexico, but the funny thing is, there’s no record of her, in any way, crossing the border. Jane quickly finds out that very near where the body was found, there’s a secret underground border crossing leading to Texas.


From there Jane decides that he should visit the farmers  whose pictures the attorney was looking at the day before she was killed (since they’re so close to the secret border crossing), and since Lisbon is busy Jane takes Fischer. Fischer very quickly gets absolutely nowhere with the locals. When Fischer finally gives up Patrick not only gets exactly what he wants, he also ends up ditching Fischer in the process.


Less than twenty-four hours later and with a bit of distracting from the FBI Jane single handedly catches the killer with one of his round-em’-up-and-play-mind-games sessions.


The only other thing to note in this episode is that Van Pelt and Rigsby convince JJ La Roche to help them investigate a warehouse in relation to the old CBI team being stalked. While scoping out the warehouse JJ is unceremoniously and quickly killed by a booby trap.


6x13 Black Helicopters




I have mixed feelings in regard to the latest episode. There were a lot of cute, fun, and happy moments in the episode. But the actual investigation wasn’t particularly interesting when all of the old CBI team members are being stalked. I would have loved to focus on that more. We really only saw two scenes in regards to that case. And I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know what’s happening.


I was also disappointed by the fact that Cho and Lisbon appear to be extras at this point. The show made a big deal about making sure both of them were on the FBI and now we hardly see them. However, I can’t lie- the scenes where Jane baffles, shows-up, or out smarts Fischer are pretty funny.


In regards to the fun scenes I absolutely loved how excited everyone got when Jane gave them their presents. (Although I couldn’t help but notice Lisbon was the only one to NOT get a present. But I suppose he did get her a pony that one time for her birthday…) Abbott’s reaction was by far my favorite. He was as giddy as a child and it made me smile.


Another cute thing I can’t help but note was Jane wearing the socks Lisbon gave him. I have nothing else to say in regards to that. I just thought it was adorable.


My final thought lies with JJ La Roche. I was really happy to see him back on the show, and the scene where he called for Rigsby investigate the “creepy” warehouse with him was possibly my favorite scene in the episode. The fact that only moments later they killed him was really disappointing. I was sad to see him go, and I’ll miss him greatly.


And if you’re ready to start preparing for next week’s episode of The Mentalist, Grey Water, you can check out the press release or the preview pictures.



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